Hiring a Painting Contractor for Your Home or Business
In Nassau or Suffolk Counties Can be a Challenge

If You Want to Make the Process Stress Free…
Use These FAQ as a Guide and Get the Answers in Writing

Please use these questions, answers and information and also use the questions on How to Choose the Hire a Professional Painting Contractor page to ensure you hire an experienced painter for your home or business in Nassau or Suffolk counties.

  • The excitement of getting “a really great price” will quickly fade if your painting project starts to crack, peel or chip 6 months later. I understand that you want to get the good price but getting the best value and a job you are proud to show off is much better in the long run than getting a great price.
  • I have been in business since 1985. In the last 10 years more than 80% of my work came by referral and considering that we have successfully completed over 1,200 interior and exterior painting projects, we have a lot of happy clients.
  • You may not realize this but it doesn’t take a lot of money to start a painting business and lots of people who got laid off have suddenly become “expert” painters. If you ask the right questions you won’t get fooled into hiring someone that will be learning how to paint at your expense.

If you’re looking for an honest, reputable and stable painting contractor with a proven track record of quality work, reliable service and a stellar business reputation, call today at (631) 427-2595 for a quote on exterior or interior painting.

Frequently Asked Questions About Painting

1How much will my painting project cost?
I understand that everyone wants to know this.

A lot of companies will give you a “ballpark” quote over the phone.

I have been in the painting business for almost 30 years and based on the number of referrals we get, I am confident that there is a better way for you to get a quality painting job than relying on a quote over the phone.

  • Require every painting contractor to visit your home or business and conduct a thorough review of your needs. There are too many variables to provide an accurate proposal if you don’t see the project.
  • Ask for a detailed proposal. Estimates written on the back of a business card are worthless because all you know is the price. It is far more important to know what specific materials are to be used and the steps that will be performed.
  • I meet every client in person; ask plenty of questions to make sure I understand your painting needs. I take all of that information and prepare a detailed proposal with a fixed price for the project.
  • Our proposal allows you to easily understand the cost of painting your home or business. It also will help you compare on an “apples to apples” basis our proposal with another proposal.

Unfortunately, many people believe that you can hire any painting contractor and get the same result. Maybe that is why many of the ones that were in business 5 years ago in Nassau or Suffolk County are no longer around.

2Do you use employees or subcontractors?

  • I don’t use day laborers or subcontractors that are paid by the job.
  • I only use employees. This is how I ensure that you will have a knowledgeable, well trained, qualified painting crew for your painting project.
  • Every crew member is subject to a background check.
  • Every employee must comply with a strict written policy that prohibits smoking on your property or the use of alcohol or drugs on the job.

Many painting companies use day laborers or subcontractors to make more money at the expense of quality.

Using part-time employees, day laborers and/or subcontractors makes it almost impossible to maintain quality since these workers don’t get the continual training they need.

Painting contractors that use these workers may be able to offer a lower price because they may not have to pay for benefits but the homeowner or business owner is the real loser because of the lower quality that is almost inevitable.

I wouldn’t want those companies or people painting my property and neither should you…avoiding those companies is a smart move.

3How long is your warranty?

  • It may surprise you but I don’t offer a warranty. I simply let my clients know how long they can expect it to last and if there is ever a problem to call me. It almost never happens. New paint on the interior of your home will never fail if proper preparation is completed prior to painting. Most failures result from external forces such as: extreme temperature changes, water damage or structural movement.
  • This approach works for me and I believe it is one of the reasons I can offer over 100 references while most of my competitors will provide 3 references.
  • I understand that as a new client you might want your warranty in writing and I will be happy to provide one if you request it.

I do want to work for you again and doing a quality painting job every time is the best way I can ensure that I will be the painter you always call.

4Do you provide a fixed price guarantee without a lot of “fine print”?


Once we agree on the specifications of your painting project, your price is guaranteed for the work I specify.

This is why I visit your home or business and conduct a thorough review of your needs. I don’t like surprises and I am sure you don’t either and this is the best way I have found to avoid those issues.

5How do I reach you during the day?

If you have ever called a painting contractor and had to wait days for a call back, I assure you that won’t happen.

  • My mobile phone is on 12 hours a day on regular business days.
  • I respect the client I am working for. If I am in a meeting or working with a client, I might not be able to pick up the phone but my personal goal is to return all calls within 2 hours.
  • I also will give you a project update every day on multi-day projects.
6How will I know if your insurance policy is current and that it covers everyone on my job?

This is a great question.

Here are 2 questions you should ask before you hire a painting contractor:

  1. Will every crew member who will be working on my painting project be covered by your workers compensation policy?
  2. If they answer no – Who will be liable if one of the workers is injured on my property?

Unfortunately, many Nassau and Suffolk county painting contractors advertise that they are “fully insured”. This doesn’t really mean anything.

  • Worker’s compensation insurance does NOT COVER subcontractors or day laborers. This means that if a subcontractor or day laborer gets hurt on your property you can be held liable for their injuries.
  • Avoiding those companies is a smart move.

We only use employees on our painting projects and they are all covered by our workers compensation insurance. We also have $1 Million of Liability Insurance as an added protection for our clients.

Upon request we will provide you with the contact information for our insurance agent so you can verify our coverage.

7Will anyone give a “lousy” reference?

If a painting contractor offers 3 references they are likely to be good.

The real question is how many should they offer?

  • Even small painting contractors do 20 jobs each year so they should be able to find some clients that were happy…at least 3.
  • A better strategy is to ask for at least 10 recent references and call each one of them. You can use the questions on our references page if you aren’t sure what to ask.
  • If a painter can’t provide at least 10 recent references or balks at the request, they may not provide quality painting projects on a consistent basis.

I do provide a list of over 100 references and I encourage you to call as many as you like.

Over 80% of our painting projects come from referrals and from past clients that ask us to do additional projects for them. I believe this is a strong indicator of the service we deliver.

Due to the economy a lot of companies have sprung up in the painting business in Nassau and Suffolk counties and a lot of commercial companies have suddenly become “expert” house painters.

Checking references will help you avoid hiring a company that is learning how to paint at your expense.

8What is the benefit to me of your membership in the PDCA (Painting and Decorating Contractors of America)?

  • As a 15 year member of PDCA I am committed to learning the latest innovations in the paint industry. We are always kept up to date about new products, tools and techniques by experts at our monthly meetings and training provided by suppliers.
  • The painting industry is constantly evolving and staying informed is a key component to delivering a quality paint job.
  • I am a Past President of the Suffolk Chapter of the PDCA. I believe that taking on a leadership role demonstrates my commitment to: using quality operational methods, providing dependable customer services and being responsible in business matters.
  • Members must follow and abide by a Code of Ethics and Business Professionalism.
  • I belong to the PDCA because the organization provides me with the latest information and training and that helps me to maintain my high standards and I believe the testimonials of my clients reinforce this point.

The PDCA website is www.PDCA.org if you would like to contact them.

I also taught a core curriculum class for BOCES (Bureau of Cooperative Education Services) for two years. BOCES provides education for the painting trade and other contracting and service industries.

9Are you properly licensed to do business as a painting and home improvement contractor in Nassau and Suffolk counties?

Yes – Suffolk County #25684-HI – Nassau County #HO425030000.

It is a smart idea to avoid contractors that are not licensed.

  • Plain and simple – contractors that aren’t licensed are cheating the government and other legitimate contractors, and if they will do that, they will just as likely cheat you.
10Is it necessary to be a member of the Better Business Bureau?

I believe so. Our rating is A+ and we have no history of complaints.

  • Membership in the Better Business Bureau (BBB) demonstrates that a company is committed to continually delivering a high level of service to their customers and that they have made a commitment to ethical business practices.
11Have you ever filed for bankruptcy for this or any other company you owned?

No. I have operated my company continuously since 1985.

  • This is a good question to ask because there is a very high failure rate in the painting business and many of the painters that were in business 5 years ago in Nassau or Suffolk County are no longer around.
  • Ask everyone to provide the names of each company, partnership, Limited Liability Company or other business that they have owned or been an owner in and then check them out on Google at a minimum. It is simply a smart way to hire.
12Will the EPA Law on Lead Affect My Project?

It could if your home was built before 1978. The law is designed to prevent lead poisoning. It is an important step to protect homeowners and their families from the harmful effects of lead paint.

We are certified to complete your work if you fall under the regulations.

13How can I get a proposal?

Please call me at (631) 427-2595 to set up my visit to your home or business.

If I happen to miss the call – my personal goal is to call you back within 8 hours and by the next day.

14How long will it take to get your proposal?

After I meet with you I will either provide our proposal immediately or within 24 hours.

Ok I admit it – once in a while it might take 2 or 3 days especially if special paints or extensive carpentry repairs are required – I am not perfect, but I am always working to get better!

15Do I need to be home during the project?

Not in most cases. I am proud to say that my clients feel comfortable providing us with their key and/or security code. I do like to speak with you each day to give you an update.

16How long do most projects take?

Each job is unique. I will let you know how many days it should take and unless we are delayed by things like weather we should finish on time.

17Do you accept credit cards?

Yes – we accept all the major credit cards including American Express.

If you are interested in painting one room or several rooms, painting the exterior of your home, office or business, applying a special paint finish to your walls or ceilings or installing crown molding, baseboards or trim my crews have the experience you would expect from a painting contractor with over 30 years of experience. Please see our Services page for a complete list of all of our services.

Thanks for your time and we look forward to making you our next satisfied client.

I encourage you to carefully review all of the information on our website so you can make the best decision in choosing a painting contractor to make your home or business the envy of your neighbors, friends, relatives and business associates.